Pacet, Mojokerto – December 22, 2023. In a spectacular event held at Villa Alib, Pacet, Mojokerto, the English Club of Universitas Mahasiswa Humas dan Administrasi (UMAHA) recently organized the third installment of its English Training Development series, aptly named “Build Your Leadership Character To Be A Great Leader.” The event took place on December 9-10, 2023, and was attended by enthusiastic participants eager to enhance their leadership skills and proficiency in the English language.

The two-day program featured a lineup of distinguished speakers who delivered insightful sessions on crucial aspects of personal and professional development. The main focus areas included Leadership, presented by the esteemed Ms. Dewi Rofiqoh; Basic English skills, covered by the knowledgeable Mr.Abdulloh Aziz; and Public Speaking, skillfully delivered by the eloquent Ms. Amelia Alif. The event was a perfect blend of festivity and seriousness, creating an atmosphere that facilitated meaningful learning and engagement. Participants were actively involved in a series of workshops, discussions, and practical exercises, fostering an environment conducive to personal and intellectual growth. Ms. Dewi Rofiqoh, an expert in leadership development, shared valuable insights on effective leadership strategies, emphasizing the importance of character-building for aspiring leaders. Mr. Abdulloh Aziz, during his Basic English session, provided participants with essential language skills, catering to both beginners and those looking to refine their proficiency.

Ms. Amelia Alif’s Public Speaking module was a highlight, where participants honed their communication skills and learned the art of delivering impactful speeches. The interactive nature of the session allowed participants to overcome stage fright and express themselves confidently. The event was not only an educational journey but also a celebration of creativity and innovation. Throughout the program, participants were encouraged to contribute their ideas, resulting in a vibrant exchange of perspectives. The English Club of UMAHA showcased its commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped with leadership skills and proficient in the English language.

The success of the English Training Development Batch 3 underscores the dedication of the English Club of UMAHA to empower its members with essential skills for personal and professional success. As participants left Villa Alib with newfound knowledge and inspiration, it was evident that the event had not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved.